Welcome back to the wonderful world of Tasha! Whether you’re new, or coming from my old blog, welcome! I’m glad to have you here!

In the post above, you’ll find my first actual post, but I wanted to first do a sort of thank you and laying out the expectations you can have for this blog!

Thank You

I’d like to start out with some thank you’s. First and foremost I’d like to thank Yahweh, my heavenly Father, who gave me everything I have to share.

A huge huge huge thank you to Kaytlin Phillips. She designed this whole site and did an awesome job of it! And then, when I went to publish my blog this morning and found the whole site messed up, she stepped in, figured out what was working, and had it fixed in no time. You can find her at the blog she writes with her sisters and at Writers’ Vision.

Next I’d like to thank my awesome mentor, Liesl. I know I’m not the greatest at asking questions, but you answer the ones I do have amazingly!

Thank you to my two irl blogging friends Alicia Joy and Victoria Grace. Having blogging friends who I see on a weekly basis is so helpful and all you guys encouragement with my last blog and as I was thinking about starting this blog was so amazing.

A huge thank you to the blogging world…Y’all are so encouraging and helpful and some of you bloggers have become amazing friends.

Last, and certainly not least, thank you to Ydubs. Best. Community. Ever. You guys are so encouraging and helpful with any questions I have. Thank you to my Ydubs friends who encouraged me to start blogging again or were hyped when I let Y’all know I was joining the blogging world again.

Whew *wipes brow* that got longer than I expected

What to Expect

You can expect to get one post from me each week. These post will be a variety of topics…writing, faith, photography, or just whatever I feel like posting XP. Sticking to one topic doesn’t work for me.

About Me

I was gonna try write an intro and then I remembered I have one that I made for Ydubs (Young Writers Workshop) so Ima just use that cuz me and intros…not a good mix 🙂

What I Believe

❖ I believe that there is only one God who created all things, who loves us, and who sent his son to create a way for us to be restored to him.

❖ I believe that the only way back to God is through the grace of Jesus Christ; through believing in his sacrifice and accepting him as your savior.

❖ I believe that the Bible is the true word of God and there is nothing inaccurate in it.

If you do not agree with these beliefs I still want to be your friend and I also would love to talk about what you believe and why you believe it 

My Likes and Hobbies

❖ Ima just blow your minds rn…I like writing. *Everyone’s minds proceed to be blown*

❖ a photography nerd…especially portraiture…but at this time thinking about doing wedding photography is stressful so for now I just want to do fashion photography.

❖ READING!!!!!!! Guys…reading is…don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise…the way to tell if someone is a truly smart person is if they are bookworms

❖ I. LOVE. COFFEE. Hot. Cold. Black or milk (Unless it’s like a normal coffee and you add like a swig of milk…blah…it’s either all milk or no milk…) I live on coffee…it’s literally life…this rambling may or may not be because I’m currently consuming caffeine in the form of coffee…Anywho…

❖ Music is like the best thing ever! Now I may or may not be able to play any instrument really well but that’s beside the point…I’m learning guitar and piano and I want to learn ukulele. I also love singing but my brothers have their strong opinion about my abilities to sing so…xD. I actually play keyboard for my Church’s worship team…not hard but still kinda scary sometimes lol.

Random Facts About Me

❖ I’m homeschooled and have been my whole life! Not saying I always love it…or how strict it makes my parents but I can respect it lol

❖ I love debating/talking about faith subjects. I love Yahweh so much so it’s an honour to get to talk about him with other people!

❖ I live in Canada! And no, we don’t live in igloos and we’re not a land of forest men and maple syrup…in fact a lot of Canadians don’t even use maple syrup.

❖ I’m taller than the average height of a man (I’m 5’ 10.5” and the average height of a man is like 5’ 9”)

❖ I’m part of the Young Writers Workshop! If you’re a writer, you should totally join!

My Life Plans/Things Ima Start Doing/Learn to Do

❖ Next year I’m going to take my grade twelve year and fill it with photography and videography…that leads me to my next thing…

❖ I’m going to start doing videography!!! I’ve always thought it would be interesting and now I’ve decided that I’m just gonna go for it and learn a lot and start a vlog so wish me luck!!

❖ I’m going to start a photography business. This may actually be a near future plan…you never know…

❖ I hope to find a good godly guy and get married young but I haven’t found anyone who lives close to me so we’ll see what God has in store!

Things You Should Prolly Know So I Don’t Completely Freak/Weird You Out

❖ I LOVE meeting new people…so if I start talking to you a lot or suggest a chat post that’s normal for me…

❖ I use the word love SUPER lightly…I probably shouldn’t use it so lightly but I think that God made us to love people so it isn’t a word you should save for certain people…it means different things for different people but still use it!

❖ I may be reserved at first but once I get comfortable around you…BAM! Ima crazy gurllllll


  1. Hi Tasha!! Oh my goodness, your site is soooo pretty! (and I love coffee too lol). Also, I didn’t realize Canadians didn’t really use maple syrup (actually, I kinda thought everyone throughout the North Americas used it XD.)

    Ah, a vlog and photography business sounds so exciting! I hope it goes well! Congrats on the new blog! *hugs*

    1. Awww thank you so much Lillian! That’s all thanks to Kayti! (Hehe nice) Well, a lot of them do but it’s super expensive so a lot of people just stick with the cheap sugar syrup…my family uses maple syrup though cuz we make our own. (They do to an extent XP)
      Yeah! Thanks! *hugs*

  2. Hi! I found you on Lillian Keith’s blog spotlight, so here I am to check things out. I, too, adore writing, coffee, and was homeschooled my whole life, so I guess I’m going to have to stick around to see what insanity goes down over here. 😂

    1. Hi Nat!! Thank you so much for checking out my blog!! (Love the name:) *highfives* I love meeting other homeschooled writers and coffee lovers XP. Eyyyy Yayyyy!!! It’s sure to be insane with me running the show XD

  3. Wow that’s so interesting Natasha, (or should I call you Tasha?? :))
    I am about 5′ 2″ and also am homeschooled!!
    Love your blog!

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