Hey y’all…I know I haven’t been very good at posting…life’s been super crazy and on top of that my dad has been home from work for a few weeks so that means I’m not on the computer much. I should hopefully get into a better routine when life settles down, thošŸ¤ž. But that’s not why I popped on here…

I’m doing a giveaway!!! Originally I was just going to do it on Instagram but then I was like…my blog followers are the best and 100% deserve to get in on this giveaway. So you have until July 6th to enter for a copy of World of Silence by Kaytlin Phillips!

So what do you have to do?

  • Be subscribed to my blog
  • Subscribe to my newsletter here

(If you’ve already done both of those, comment below and let me know! Also comment when you’ve entered!)

Bonus Entries:

  • Follow my Instagram account, natashajoywriter and there you’ll find other ways to gain bonus entries!

Good luck…and may the odds be ever in your favour;) (To those who got that…wanna be besties?;)


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