This review is longggg overdue but *Shrugs*

OH. MY. Guys, I’m not exaggerating when I say this book is perfection. Because it’s a literal work of art. 

It’s so good that I listened to it, was super angry at Sara for where she left us for the next year, and then listened to it a second time two weeks later. 

Because how could I not? The cover. Alice in Wonderland retelling. Chess! 

And before any of you try to lay claims on Chess, he’s mine. All those jokester, sweet, funny characters are mine. While we’re on the subject, Knave is also mine because, well, I also laid claim to all moody characters. So go find your own boi!

I’ve been trying to ask myself, “What is my favourite part of this book?” All of it. Alright? Every part is amazingly amazing.

 Buttt if I have to choose one thing. Ugh. No. How could I? That would be cruel to the rest of the book! Fine. I loved soundbuds. Call me weird if you want, but when that word first popped up, it literally made my day. Like, idk. It just fit too well and was, yeah. 

Y’all are probably gonna think I’m stupid for this one, but the only thing I didn’t love about this book was Madi. I mean, I couldn’t decide whether to love or hate her. And usually I love that but this was more of a “I can’t decide if you’re annoying or not” kind of way. 

Anywho, I thoroughly, thoroughly loved this book–if you couldn’t tell;) –and think every one of you should read it. 

Love y’all and happy reading:)

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