Halloween is a very controversial among Christians. Some think it’s perfectly fine to go trick or treating. Others say it’s not a big deal to dress up for school. And some people won’t have anything to do with it. Even among my family there are varying opinions on whether or not Halloween is something that we as Christians should participate in.

That being said, my goal today is not to tell you that one way is right or wrong-I think that’s something you need to think and pray about-but what I do want to do is explain why I don’t celebrate halloween.

My Thoughts On Halloween As a Kid

My family has never done the whole dressing up and going trick or treating. We don’t even call it halloween, instead we celebrate Reformation Day. (The other holidayish thing that happened on October 31st).

I was always a little jealous of kids who got to dress up and go get candy. We still got candy from our parents and grandma, but it wasn’t the same and definitely not as much candy as my friends were getting.

I didn’t understand why we didn’t trick or treat. Yeah, I understood that my parents didn’t think it was right but I didn’t know why. Surely we could go get some candy without celebrating what the day was all about.

But then my mindset started changing.

My Thoughts On Halloween Now

About a year ago I realized that I needed to decide for myself if I thought it was okay to celebrate halloween. I was at the age where soon it would be my choice but I had no idea what I actually believed on the issue. We always just did one thing and I questioned it just because the other way seemed more fun.

But then I started thinking. And I thought long and hard about what halloween is.

It’s a day to celebrate the devil.

I’m sorry if that offends you but there’s really no other way to put it. It’s a day, or now a whole month, where people put out demonic decorations and then dress up in things like witches, zombies, and all sorts of other things that are not God pleasing.

Yes, a lot of people dress up as fun things that have no semblance of evil but is it okay to celebrate something evil if you’re not “acting evil”.

The problem with halloween isn’t trick or treating. And it’s not that people get dressed up to go get candy. The problem is that when you boil it all down, it is a day to celebrate the devil and when we participate in that day, there’s not really a way to justify it.

So then my question is, why would we a Christians participate in that? Why would we say, “Oh, I know what this day stands for is wrong, but I’m going to enjoy it anyways.” In my mind, that’s not possible. And so I have chosen not to participate in halloween.


Like I said at the beginning, this is a really hard topic. What I think may be totally different then what you think. But I would like to remind you that in the end, no matter how our opinions vary, we need to love one another. We may disagree on this topic but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. I think it’s actually our differences that bring us closer together.


  1. Totally agree and well said! My parents made sure we understood why we didn’t celebrate Halloween. It’s also a former (supposedly at least) Catholic holiday where people pray for the dead and well, that’s just another reason why not to do it!! We celebrate Reformation Day too, girl! Have you watched the movie Luther?

    1. Yay! I love when I find other people who agree with me… reminds me that I’m not just being crazy lol. Yeah… everything about halloween is evil. That’s awesome! I have!

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